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Local Used Auto Parts Salvage Yards

How to Search for Used Auto and Truck Parts.

Today's technology makes it quicker and simpler than ever to find used auto parts locally and nationwide. Local preferred salvage yards are using state of the art inventory systems that allow them to record, retrieve and analyze great amounts of data about their salvage vehicle inventory. The top auto salvage yards offer a combination of 24 hour online parts searches with great live customer service to quickly and easily find the used auto parts that you need and to complete your purchase. Click here for links to online used parts searches...

What are Full Service Auto Salvage Yards.

Full service auto salvage yards offer consumers and auto professionals a “one stop” solution to their used parts needs. They usually offer a large and wide variety of domestic and foreign car, truck, van and SUV used parts with outstanding standard warranties and nationwide parts locator services for hard to find or out of stock parts. Most full service yards offer some form of local delivery programs and are willing to ship regionally and nationally. They usually employ a very knowledgeable and experienced sales staff with “customer service” before, during and after the parts sale being a major focus! Click here for more...

Self Service and You-Pull-It Auto Salvage Yards.

Self Service Salvage Yards or You-Pull-It Parts Yards offer consumers a chance to be “Hands On” with the used parts buying process. These companies give the parts buyer access to the salvage vehicles to remove the parts themselves. In most cases, because they operate with a smaller “parts dismantling” staff, they offer discount auto parts. The customer is usually responsible for the logistics of the parts. Salvage yards typically open up their older inventory for Self Service parts and reserve the late model salvage cars for full service sales. Click here for more ...

Partes Utilizadas Espanol. Spanish Used Parts Services.

La tecnología de hoy hace que resulte más rápido y más sencillo que nunca para encontrar empleados auto parts localmente y en el territorio nacional. Prefería salvar astilleros locales están utilizando el estado del arte sistemas de inventario que les permita registrar, recuperar y analizar grandes cantidades de datos acerca de su salvamento vehículo inventario. El top auto salvage yards ofrecen una combinación de 24 horas en línea partes búsquedas con gran servicio al cliente en vivo de manera rápida y sencilla la utilización de autopartes que necesita y para finalizar la compra. Haga clic aquí para hispanoparlantes utilizan empresas de autopartes...

Sell Your Wrecked, Salvage or Junk Vehicle.

Looking to sell a Junker, a wrecked or salvage vehicle? Simply fill out and submit our “Sell a Vehicle Form” and we will submit it to local car buyers that pay high prices and provide prompt car removal services.

Use The Automotian Valet Shopper to Shop for Used Auto Parts.

This new and exciting tool powered by Automotiveinet, gives consumers a "Simple, Safe and Smart" way to shop for used auto and truck parts. Simply tell us what you want and we'll take it from there! Our Automotian Team will quickly get your request into the hands of Preferred Automotive Businesses in your local area. Then, you can sit back and enjoy being in the "Driver’s Seat"! Click here to start shopping...

Find Local Auto Salvage Yards.

The Automotian Pages are constantly working to improve the methods of access and the content of our automotive information directories. We are proud to offer valuable information on the best local Salvage Yards and used auto parts providers. Click here for local salvage yard listings...

Tips on buying Used Auto Parts from Local Salvage Yards.

1. Buy from or through an established and trusted used auto parts provider.

There are reasons why the top local auto and truck recyclers have been in business for so many years. They strive for customer satisfaction, before, during and after the sale. These companies are committed to doing whatever it takes to stock or find used auto parts to satisfy your needs. They carefully select the best quality vehicles to part out from auto salvage sales, local wrecked cars and trucks, individuals with unwanted or junked vehicles and other automotive businesses. They process and sell only the quality used parts then crush the rest for scrap metal.

2. Ask how the parts recycler maintains their in-stock engines and transmissions after dismantling the vehicle.

Do they keep their used mechanical parts warehoused or out in the elements? Top rated salvage yards usually have thousands of square feet of parts warehouse space filled with quality tested used automobile parts ready for quick delivery.

3. Does the used part seller offer a FREE standard parts warranty?

The best local used auto parts providers and salvage yards will offer a free standard warranty with most of their used mechanical parts.

4. Find a salvage yard that offers a FREE parts locator service?

Occasionally, when searching for rare or hard to find parts,even the largest local salvage yard will not always have the part that you need in stock. Ask if they offer a nationwide free parts locating service for help finding used auto parts.

5. Are the used parts appropriately and reasonably priced?

Some used parts stores claim to sell cheap parts. The local used parts market and the prices for local salvage parts are driven by supply and demand just like most other products and services. A highly ranked salvage yards part prices will usually be in line with the local market value. Getting the lowest prices on used auto parts means nothing if you are buying subpar quality. Remember, deals on used parts that seem “too good to be true”, usually means a trip back to the junk Yard! When trying to find used auto parts, you should be searching for "Value". That means you get the best quality available "and" the best prices on used car and truck parts.

6. Does your local salvage yard offer "Insurance Quality" used auto body parts?

Most auto and truck salvage yards in NC have many acres to store inventoried vehicles, carefully maintaining and preserving the “insurance" or high quality of the recycled body parts such as; doors, fenders, bumpers, hoods, tail lights, deck lids, head lights and more. Preferred auto Recyclers also understand and appreciate the importance of buying used body parts that have been protected and also inspected for defects "before" delivery.

Used Auto Parts valet shopper

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Price's Auto Parts - Raleigh, NC
Eastern Automotive - Smithfield, NC
Cox Auto Salvage - Elm City, NC
Matlock's Used Parts - Claremont & Cleveland, NC, Hillsville, VA
Carolina Salvage - Rock Hill, SC
Martin's Auto Salvage - Raleigh & Wendell, NC
Strawberry Motor Company - Dallas, NC
Lew's Auto Service & Salvage - Spotsylvania, VA
Schronce Used Parts & Cars - Conover, NC
Good News Auto Parts & Salvage - Ahoskie, NC
High Point Auto Salvage - High Point, NC
Devore-Cooke Auto Parts - Fayetteville, NC
Barger-Mattson Automotive Parts Recyclers - Twin Falls, Idaho
Fleetwood Motor Company - King William/Richmond VA Area
Staunton Wrecking - Staunton, VA
Robert's Engines - Lucama, NC
Marsh Auto Parts - Siler City, NC
East Coast Used Auto Parts - Clarendon, NC
Church Auto Parts - Shelby, NC
Southern Imports - Grover, NC
Gravely's Used Auto Parts - Axton, VA
Baker's Auto Salvage - Axton, VA
Staunton Wrecking - Staunton, VA
Harry Wrights Auto Salvage - Charlottesville, VA
All Foreign Used Auto Parts - Fredericksburg, VA
Bruce Auto Parts - Mechanicsville, VA
Pop's Pick & Pay - Mechanicsville, VA
Lucky Line Auto Parts - Fredericksburg, VA
Carolina Salvage - Rock Hill, SC
Sunshine Auto Salvage - Orangeburg, SC
301 Auto Salvage - Olanta, SC
Blue & Gold Auto Salvage - Goose Creek, SC
Salvage City, Inc. - Gaffney, SC
Interstate Auto Salvage - Ravenna, Ohio

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